Higher the Risk, Lower is the Safety.

– GDP Growth Rate
– Behaviour of monsoon and performance of agriculture
– Trends in public investment and savings
– Monetary and fiscal policy
– Economic and political stability
– Inflation
-Infrastructural facilities and arrangements

There are three factors which should be considered in selecting fixed income securities:
– Yield to maturity,
– Risk to default,
– Tax shield and
– Liquidity.

Stock market indices are used to measure the general movement of the stock market. It is used as a proxy for overall market movement.

– Marketing Policies
– Accounting Policies
– Profitability
– Dividend Policy
– Capital Structure
– Management
– Financial statement analysis

– Advisory

– Working on Limited Knowledge

– Rumours

– Ledging Indicators

– Equity

– Derivatives

– Forex

– Commodities

Yes. But only after understanding the company’s nature of business and its scope.

Yes. It’s most important feature for the safety of your funds.

Keep Trailing the SL as per the growth/reduction in the share price.

This cant be assumed or analyzed.

To hedge a position, to increase leverage or to speculate on an asset’s movement.

Depends on the Risk Bearing Capacity

Price action Theory assures 100% accuracy

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