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Franchise Process

Fiscal Finserve Solutions offers training services for Financial Markets, Stock Market, Forex Market, Commodity Market to Individuals, Corporates & Professionals working in Financial sectors across India. FFS is currently appointing franchise across India. This is a unique opportunity for individuals and companies to associate & grow with us.

Contact FFS today by filling our Franchise Inquiry Form. FFS has its corporate office, situated in Surat, Gujarat.

Those willing to own Franchise, can contact us at our toll free number on: 1800 8919 677 and can discuss about the business model. After understanding the business, you can give a visit to our head office for further discussions, clarifications & formalities.

We take certain steps to ensure the smooth functioning of the franchise and that you meet your revenue expectations at par. For same, various kinds of marketing and operational support is provided. As a part of providing marketing support, various collateral’s are sent to the franchise as a part of support for their campaigns.

Various promotional campaigns are also organized by the corporate office to drive in more sales to the franchise. As a part of our ongoing operational support, trainers are sent from the corporate office to our franchises to train the Counselors & Staff members. This training could be of imparting knowledge on a completely new technology, area or about up-skilling of knowledge on an existing technology.

Reasons to become FFS Franchise:

  • Very significant and consistent market demand.
  • FFS is the Best and only institute in India for stock market courses, imparting Price Action Theories to book thorough profits.
  • FFS is the Best and only institute in India for stock market courses, imparting Price Action Theories to book thorough profits.
  • No competition in Price Action Theories.
  • Strong training and ongoing support from us.
  • Opportunity to acquire exclusive rights and to become a dominant market player in your territory.
  • Multiple markets and sources of revenue.

Area required: 1000 to 2000 sq. feet

Investment: Rs. ________________

Profile: FFS is pioneer in Price Action Theory for short term and long-term trading with 100% Trading Experience. FFS is looking for entrepreneurs to join its Franchise Operations across India.

Support: FFS will give all the support to its franchises in terms of Operational, Technical. Marketing, Advertising, Training, Certification etc.

Franchise Support

  • We will guide in designing of the institute.
  • Give assistance in procuring materials like equipment, furniture and fixtures along with standardized specification.
  • Advice on installation, maintenance and up-gradation of IT hardware, software and systems.
  • Providing study materials
  • Marketing material like pamphlets before opening
  • Providing broachers, visiting cards, canopy, standee and other materials in a franchise kit to the franchise before opening of the branch like Banners, Vinyl Posters for interior decoration, etc.

Academic Research & Development

  • Comprehensive Study Material, which is continuously researched and updated.
  • Addition of New Content and Courses
  • Continuous Monitoring system to ensure Quality.

System & Quality Control

  • Providing Administrative Systems and Manuals for running the institute.
  • Easy and simple reporting formats to ensure convenience.
  • Regular monitoring and reporting system to ensure smooth functioning of all branches.

Benefits as FFS Franchise:

  • Most reputed brand in the Financial Market Training industry.
  • FFS is known as the pioneer of Price Action Theories ensuring 100% accuracy.
  • Provides total solutions in financial markets theoretical and practical training requirements.
  • FFS has mastered the art of delivering quality training. The technical and business know-how is readily made available to the partner.
  • Perfect organization hierarchy (parallel verticals) to support the partners. There are time tested systems and processes to effectively support and consultancy to the partners.
  • There is a wide mix of courses, which are offering at very effective denominations and ensure good career prospects.
  • Excellent, comprehensive course are coupled with quality teaching through Projector/LCD/Video based education.
  • The business model is proved and time tested. Franchise is assured of earning the expected returns from this business.
  • Centralized and re-finalized marketing activities are well planned and executed.
  • FFS has number of consultants (Senior and successful professionals from the industry) on board to envision the goals and guide the company to achieve these goals.
  • FFS is an institute which provides Classroom Training & research in Stock Market.

Franchise FAQs

Ans. An Individual or a Company who is well networked and has the ability to market the various training products, and wants to earn.

Ans. Please contact us on our toll free no. 1800 8919 677.

Ans. 5 Years. It can be renewed by mutual agreement.

Ans. A franchise needs to have 1 Center Manager (Owner), 1 Counsellor, 2 Marketing Executives, 1 Receptionist.

Ans. The minimum available floor space should be between 1000sft to 1500sft.

Ans. The minimum infrastructure requirement varies depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, please contact us on toll free number 1800 8919 677.

Ans. The number of centers would solely depend on the demographics and the market potential . FFS will decide on the number of centers based on various parameters.

Ans. A 30-35% profit on the total turn-over can be expected from a well-performing center.

Ans. Franchise will get break even point of monthly expenses in 6 months and It will take 1 to 1.5 year duration to get break even of total investment done to setup a Franchise.

Ans. We will guide & help the center to recruit the staff. Cost to be born by the franchise, if any.

Ans. We will provide training to all staff whenever & wherever required.

Ans. No.This has to be taken care by the Franchise itself.

Ans. All day to day activities of the center will be managed by the franchise, However FFS will guide and provide training to do the same.

Ans. In metros if their are more than one branch, the cost will be shared by all the centers. The cost per center is calculated based on the total cost of campaign divided by the number of centers. FFS will take care of the major things like centralized buying of media. However, the cost incurred for the ads has to be shared by the centers.

Ans. FFS will be, periodically, providing marketing material like pamphlets, posters and banners to all franchise, but it is totally depend on the management decission, FFS is not bound to give marketing material to the franchise. Franchise will organise the seminar or workshop on quarterly basis and FFS will send the speaker if requested by the franchise free of cost, however the cost of traveling, boarding and lodging of the speaker has to be borne by Franchise. FFS will do the digital marketing on the website. FFS will send the leads generated through it to the franchise on daily basis if received.