Fiscal Finserve Smart Signals (FFSS) indicator can detect trends and uses moving average to generate Buy/Sell signals by doing some calculations on it.
The Fiscal Finserve Smart Signals (FFSS) integrates visual labels to easily interpret our indicator.
We have also integrated the alerts based on the buy/sell signals generated by our indicator. This indicator can also be used as an entry point to the complex strategies.
This indicator can be used for any stock and indexes, but option traders can use this for Nifty BankNifty to get maximize results.

How to use: –
• This indicator can be used for all the timeframes, but it is most effective for 3 minute time frame.
• Wait for the candle to close for signal confirmation, then if the next candle is not immediate reverse of the previous one then you can take the entry from there.
• For Stop loss, you can use the low of previous candle of generated signal for buy and the high of the previous candle of generated signal for sell.

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