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What is Fiscal Partner Program?

The Fiscal Partner Program (FPP) is a strategic initiative that aims to establish mutually beneficial partnerships between our company and potential customers. The program is open to individuals and organizations who are interested in becoming indirect fiscal partners with our company. Through FPP, our partners will have the opportunity to market and sell our products, while also receiving financial benefits for their efforts. This program serves as an effective way for our partners to expand their revenue streams and grow their businesses.
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Why FPP?

The Fiscal Partner Program (FPP) presents a valuable opportunity for individuals and organizations to expand their financial horizons and enhance their financial standing.
By joining forces with the Fiscal brand as a partner, you will be able to tap into a vast financial field and take your business to new heights.
The program’s slogan, “We will take you high”, reflects our commitment to supporting and elevating our partners’ endeavors.
With FPP, you will be able to leverage your existing network and streamline sales efforts to provide the best financial solutions to your clients. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a highly successful and thriving community of partners.

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    Eligibility for FPP

    To be eligible for the Fiscal Partner Program (FPP), individuals and organizations must meet the following criteria:
    Please note that failure to meet these eligibility criteria may result in the denial of your application for the FPP. We encourage interested individuals and organizations to review the requirements carefully before submitting their applications.

    How to join FPP?

    Joining the Fiscal Partner Program (FPP) requires meeting certain qualifications. If you meet these requirements, you can proceed with the enrollment process as follows:


    Pay the registration fee for the FPP, which is 11,000 INR plus a GST of 18%.


    Submit the required documentation, including Identity Proof such as Aadhar Card or PAN Card.


    Execute the Fiscal Partner Memorandum of Understanding (FMMI agreement)

    Sharing Structure:-

    As a Fiscal Partner Program (FPP) Partner, you will be entitled to compensation for your sales. The compensation package for FPP partners includes a 50% brokerage and profit sharing. This means that for every sale made by you as an FPP partner, you will receive a 50% portion of the brokerage and profit generated from that sale. This compensation structure is designed to provide our partners with a significant financial benefit for their efforts in promoting and selling our products.


    1. Who is eligible to participate in the Fiscal Partner Program (FPP)?

    The FPP is open to both individuals and organizations who are interested in establishing indirect partnerships with Fiscal to market and sell our products.

    2. What are the benefits of joining the FPP?

    By joining the FPP, partners have the opportunity to expand their revenue streams through marketing and selling our products, while also receiving financial incentives for their efforts.

    3. What is the process for becoming a fiscal partner under the FPP?

    Interested individuals or organizations can apply to join the FPP through our website or by contacting our partnership team directly. Upon approval, partners will receive access to program resources and support to kickstart their partnership journey.

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